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Travail has two compartments v.i.z micro chamber and swim-up chamber. Micro chamber is pre-coated with 1mg/ml Sodium Hyaluronate internally that will be reconstituted with 2ml of physiological isotonic saline solution which becomes Travail’s sperm swim-up media. 
Sodium Hyaluronate micro-spray coating is colourless and stable at any temperature which makes the Travail is most advantageous device ever founded in the reproductive technologies that doesn’t require cold chain for shipping and storage. Also this technology offers longer shelf life than in liquid form. The construction of micro chamber prevents the coated hyaluronan from heat shock of extreme cold or heat transitions and protects its function. 
Swim-up Chamber is just above the micro chamber which holds the reconstituted swim-up media will be gradually elevated while neat liquified semen is being loaded from the bottom of the micro chamber perching through septa. Loading from the bottom of micro chamber minimises loss of media by mixing with semen being loaded and allows semen to settle evenly at the bottom of swim-up chamber. 
Utilising septa technology, the device can be operated without removing the screw cap thus the original sterility of the device is protected during entire procedure. Device is of borosilicate construction which is chemical & bio-inert and thermo stable. Septa made of PTFE is the finest quality of its range which ensures longer durability  
Travail can be stored at room temperature and can should be brought to 37oC after reconstitution at least 30 mins before the swim-up procedure. Please refer to ‘Procedure Manual’ for complete instructions. 

Heating Block

Also known as the thermal incubator. Used for short time incubation where humidity is not required in the culturing environment. 

Heating block is an indispensable tool in Andrology & Embryology for maintaining 37oC throughout the procedures. 

Our heating blocks were designed to hold Travail Device for its convenient use and with precision in temperature maintenance. 

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