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For an eg, Certification Programme for Embryologists and ARTist Excubation Programme

India is the second country doing more number of cases pa worldwide. By practice, many personnel from different backgrounds working in the embryology but a proper recognition is missing. Currently, embryology is not completely regulated in India but in near future, it may happen. 

Professionals attending the training programme are awarded by participation certificates that are value addition until you have at least one of the relevant certificates as an embryologist. We are representing Americal College of Embryology for getting your skill recognised. It has two distinctive certifications based on academia & based on the acquired skill set for working in embryology lab.

A skill base Certificate- Proficient in ICSI can boost the confidence in upcoming embryologists to achieve new hights in the career while experienced embryologists can have the TITLEs depending on their educational qualifications. 

Dr John 


Dr John 

The Titles like EMB, EMA, EMG, or EMT are the form of recognition to your work. With EMBCOL certification programme you can achieve these TITLEs.